Fight Your Friends

Fight Your Friends

Cold War Incorporated

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Fight Your Friends is the fun and fast card-dueling game featuring incredible characters from your favorite indie comics!  From a huge cast of characters, choose a crew of 10 fighters and rumble with your buddy across 4 action-packed rounds of magic, muscle, and mayhem!  All you need is 10 cards, 10 minutes, and 1 friend.

Includes the complete 60-card debut core set.

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The reviews are in!

"The game is quick and easy to learn! It’s a great price! Especially for such magnificent art, and the potential replay-ability of the game by mixing your characters up and seeing what combos may potentially work best for you! I highly recommend the game."

Comic Relief Podcast

"I really appreciated that each card has the creative and company info printed. So if you like the card art and want to read the comics, you can take that card to your local comic shop, show the clerk, and say, “I need more of this in my life!” And trust me, once you see the art of Shahrazad you’re going to want to see more."

The Pullbox

"The art on the Fight Your Friends cards is really pretty. I’m a sucker for good comic art. They worked with a whole bunch of Indie Comics, and their artists, to bring a nice variety of characters and styles to the final game. This is how you might have Colonel Cobb from The Avengables vs. Naomi from Ursa Minor, or Sachie from Fields of Eleria vs. AOC from AOC and the Freshman Force or King from Squarriors."

Pop Geeks

"The art is awesome! It’s a testament to Ash that he could bring together so many diverse artists and properties together for a single game. Another cool feature is that at the bottom of each card is information detailing the characters name, the artist and where they can be found. That way if something really sticks out to you it’s easy to look it up."

Legends of Tabletop

Note: The Fight Your Friends pins and variant cards mentioned/shown in some reviews are not included with Fight Your Friends webstore purchases.