Original Artwork Pages from Squarriors Spring #2

Original Artwork Pages from Squarriors Spring #2

Team Ash

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Original artwork pages from the first issue of the Squarriors Comic book.
Note: Missing pages have already been sold.

Page 2: First appearance of Wayne, first appearance of Butch
Page 4: Edgar, Elaine, Wayne
Page 5: Redcoat, Ritik, first appearance of Trick
Page 6: Trick, Redcoat, Ritik
Page 7: Jobe, Brand, Taylor
Page 10a: 
Page 10b: 
Page 11a: 
Page 11b: 
Page 17: Jobe, Spin, Eli, Rustle, Taylor
Page 18: Eli, Cheeks, King, Jobe, Jacko, Meo
Page 19: Eli, Jacko, Jobe, Brand, Redcoat, Cheeks, King
Page 20: King, Jacko, Cheeks, Meo, Jobe, Tree Jump
Page 22: Eli, Cheeks, Tree Jump, Sam
Page 23: Eli, Spin, Rustle
Page 24a: Oh, Pasha
Page 24b: Pasha, Oh
Page 25: Meo